Telestaff has designed by Kronos for its employees in order to make electronic scheduling requests to be submitted for availability, time off, shift trades, and shift give aways. It's very challenging situation to manage the escalating labor costs, keeping up with staffing levels amid staff and budget cuts, and complex compliance requirements at your safety organization. 

Doing these activities with paper based manual processes makes it close to impossible. In that case, has created to provide the most reliable scheduling solution for public safety, better emergency position, integrated communication, and automatic, rules-based assignment of overtime. Kronos Telestaff is offering a wide range of benefits such as access request time-off, view shift schedules, declare shift trade, declare shift giveaway, view balances and approvals, and declare availability. 

How to Get Access to Telestaff Login

If you're working as a current employee for Kronos organization, you're required to follow below guidelines for logging into Webstaff account that included:
  • Visit official website address
    Initially, you're required to visit official website address from your web browser. 
  • Provide login information
    After entering into home page , you need to provide login credentials information including registered user name and password on respective fields. 
  • Click on login button 
  • By clicking on login button, you will be able to get access to the schedules, view shift details, request time-off, etc. 


Telestaff Benefits

Kronos Telestaff Login allows the employees to access inside or outside AMR network, view shift details, add availability via calendar, request time off, retract availability via Roster for specific shift, add a shift trade, add a shift give away, etc.

View Shift Details

By entering into the home page of Telestaff Webaccess, you can find the working days which are represented by blue boxes on the calendar. You can hover your mouse pointer over a work schedule box in order to display duration, start time, and location of any scheduled shift.

Request Time-Off

To make a request for time-off on, you need to click on the gray bar on the day that you're scheduled to work and click on add button. You can also choose the time off work code and click on check for issues.

Add Availability via Calendar

To add your availability at the office, you can get access to Telestaff through login credentials information. On the top of the calendar day, you need to click on add button. From the work code box, you can select the available code and update the start and end times. Click on check for issues and go to save button.

Retract Availability for Specific Shift

If you change your mind about making yourself for a shift, you're required to repeat the same process on the same open shift. In that case, you need to choose Retract AFS within the work code. Choose the appropriate shift and fill by rules. You need to enter the shift code and do not change the shift hours for a open shift. You're required to ensure that the outcome is set to accepted. 

To confirm that you've retracted the availability for the open shift, you need to click on a calendar and find the RAFS code on that day. By applying for RFS code, it will cancel your prior availability for that open shift.

Add a Shift Trade

If you want to add a shift trade, you can click on the tab named as shift trade off and click for check for issues. Under the cover section, you're required to choose the name of a person with whom you're trading with the shifts. Now, you need to select shift trade working in the work code box. This code can help you out to get approval from the indicated staffer or scheduler. Finally, click on a save button.

Add a Shift Give Away

You're required to click on the gray bar which helps to schedule your work for adding a shift five away. Choose the code for add a shift give away and click on check for issues. After that, select the name of the person whom you are giving your shift under cover section. Click on save button to get approval from your staffer or scheduler.

Workforce Telestaff

By using automated tools of Kronos Workforce , you can gain the most reliable scheduling solution, integrated communication, better emergency response, etc. If you're serving as an employer at Kronos, you can make use of Workforce Telestaff Login. It helps to make fairer scheduling and track employee certifications and qualifications. 

Accordingly, it automatically relay scheduling communications. Overtime positions will be automatically assigned based on the rules that are configured. Employees can easily get notifications in entitlement order and all employee overtime is tracked for auditing purposes.

Workforce Telestaff is tracking working hours and prepopulates its built-in FEMA reporting module. It is designed to optimize the scheduling, communications, and deployment of safety personnel and other critical resources. It has offered various kinds of benefits such as improve productivity, minimize the compliance risk, control labor costs, and open lines of communication. Workforce Telestaff allocating the overtime fairly and create schedules based on demand and employee preferences and reduce over staffing. It helps the organization to locate, notify, and deploy the right employees for each situation. Additionally, it enhances the productivity to automate the position, shift, and vacation bidding fees and improves employee satisfaction.